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Angelina Jolie a primit inelul de logodna (FOTO)

Bijuteriia a fost estimate la o valoare de 500.000 de dolari şi a fost creat şi personalizat de bijutierul Robert Procop la indicaţiile lui Brad Pitt.  Angelina a putut fi văzută purtând inelul sâmbătă la cea de-a 18-a ediţie a Festivalului de Film de la Sarajevo.

Angelina a fost prezenta cu lungmetrajul “În the Land of Blood and Honey”, “o poveste de dragoste din timpul războiului din Bosnia (1992 – 1995), între un gardian sârb dintr-un lagăr de prizonieri, care face eforturi foarte mari pentru a o proteja pe fosta lui iubită, o femeie musulmană, încarcerată în acel loc”.

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Clarice 26 July 2012 at 20:59

They like Tokyo because the pelpoe are so nice and kind there. If you have been there you would know. Even Japanese who do not speak any English will come out of his/her store (if they see you looking in both direction with a map) and will offer to help you. They will give you the map of their block and with fingers will show you the way on that map how to get wherever you would like to go. We were just stunned where these pelpoe came from??Other planet? And when they got hit by this disaster in my family we cried; how could that happen to these beautiful pelpoe and country. So, I could relate to Brad and Angie loving it there. And from the box office of every film of either of them you could say Japan loves them too. So they feel good now. Brad is great in this movie. If you have somebody who is a professional sportsman you would know that they have a particular attitude, manners, way of speaking, sitting, talking. He adopted all of it including the spitting..ha ha and the hands on the hip as well as the way of walking, smashing things when losing everything. Unbe-bloody-lievable. As in Tree of Life -just so different from what really is and especially towards kids How could pelpoe say he is not a good actor. How could not pelpoe ignore his good looks and popularity and really see him what great actor he is. This is also something I am so unhappy about, it is unfair to him, big time. The good news pelpoe all over the world and especially in Europe/Japan/ Australia appreciate him for the whole package not for the sexiest man alive garbage thing.


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