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L’Armoire, designer-shop românesc

Un nou designer shop a fost deschis în București la sfârșitul lunii ianuarie. L’Armoire este amplasat la intersecția Bulevardului Ion Mihalache cu Intrarea Nopții și aici găsim colecții în serii mici și unicate semnate de Elena Perseil, Eugenia Enciu Atelier, Irina Marinescu, Lena Criveanu, Zasha sau colecția Wilhelminei Arz realizată special pentru L’Armoire.


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  1. Virginia

    This is exciting! Those bokocases are going to be fabulous all painted white. Maybe you could paint the back of them that blue color to add some pops of color. I cant wait. Maybe I’ll add my master bedroom to this link, but then I guess it really has to be done before the end of the month! I have a little 4 lb yorkie named macaroni and he follows me around all day long too, dogs are just so loving and loyal. : )

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L’Armoire, designer-shop românesc

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