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Salvati copacii

Alatura-te campaniei “Salvati copacii” si salveaza mai mult decat un copac: salveaza-ti dreptul la aer curat! Fiecare inscriere inseamna o voce in plus si inca un vot pentru o capitala cu adevarat europeana.

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  1. Adnan

    Hey, I got so fed up with the Hungarian bureaucracy, which spneds most of its time trying to find reasons to find you, that I am creating a Cypriot company and making my Hungarian company a wholly owned subsidary. APEH has audited me twice in two years. I was never audited by the US tax authority. First audit? Two old ladies visit me to make sure the name of my company on my door. Now I am being audited because I applied for a VAT refund. I showed them all the receipts. They can’t find anything wrong. So now they are all auditing all the company, including ones completely related to VAT refund. This system stinks.

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Salvati copacii

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