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Întâlnire de gradul trei : Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt și Angelina Jolie

Trebuia să vină și ziua în care cei trei se află din nou în aceeași încăpere. Meritele revin Oscarurilor din acest an, care au reușit să-i aducă pentru pentru prima dată din 2005 pe Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt și Angelina Jolie în aceeași încăpere.

Jennifer a prezentat împreună cu Jack Black premiile secțiunii de animație. Angelina și Brad se aflau în primul rând, la mai puțin de trei metri de unii de ceilalți.  Cameramanii au fost cu ochii pe trio-ul reunit și ne arătau când zâmbetele Angelinei, când stresul lui Jennifer.

Atât Jolie, cât și Pitt au afișat un zâmbet continuu, fals, dar de efect. Partenerul de scenă al lui Aniston, Black, a declarat după ceremonie: "Jen s-a descurcat perfect. Este o profesionistă".

Fosta soție a lui Brad Pitt și iubitul ei, John Myers, au avut locurile în spatele cuplului Brangelina. Întrebată înainte de premiile Oscar dacă are emoții, Jen a răspuns: "Da".


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anareaua 26 February 2009 at 1:50

zambetul angelinei si stressul lui Jennifer…saraca Jennifer!!

Milaim 7 December 2012 at 16:49

EPL and Salt are two very different types of films. There are a lot of polepe out there who like certain genres only. I know women who will go see a movie like EPL before they would ever see Salt and it has nothing to do with Angelina, it just isn’t their type of movie. I prefer actions, suspense and mysteries, but EPL does not look another cheesy romantic film so its going to entice women like myself who normally prefer the action and thrillers to go and see it. So that makes a difference too.But I also very much agree with the point of some polepe just being critical of this woman and will refuse to see it because of that. As if they are really hurting her career, or her bank account. There are way too many polepe who do love her and will keep her in business, and frankly anyone who chooses not see her movie just because they do not like her are the ones who are really loosing out.It’s her work thats up for judgment, not her personal life. If someone doesn’t like that she is with Brad Pitt, it’s their problem. Lots of women have their panties in a bunch because she literally has it all. Instead of whining and bashing her all over the internet perhaps polepe should go out and better their own lives instead. My life is no where near is exciting as hers, but I still have fun and enjoy what I do have. I am happy with my life and I love my family. Nothing else is supposed to matter.Jolie will continue to kick ass at the box office for many years to come, and we all know it.


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